Minecraft Supporter Bundle - Sacrifice

Minecraft Supporter Bundle - Sacrifice

$2.99 - $19.99

Only available during Sacrifice and Arrival Epochs!

Minecraft Supporter bundles are for people who want to support the continued hosting and operation of the mc.wubzilla.tv Minecraft server. Our server is community run and has no monetization or perks for donators, instead we rely on the sale of these awesome collections! Each purchase will fund the hosting, maintenance, and resource upgrades of the server. Bundles are limited edition and will only be available during the 1-3 month period the Epoch is active.

This collection's featured player build is the Esohoundress, a massive tower southeast of the Zillamon ruins and home to the mysterious Fox-Folk featured in "Tower of the Fox-Folk."

The logo design for "Sacrifice" features the mysterious Jaws of Zillamon, one of the last remaining constructions of the ancient city's former inhabitants.

This bundle contains a new surprise; Papercraft Wubzies! One pose-able and one static paper doll. These are thick cardstock and come pre-cut. All you need to do is fold and glue! These make a great gift and are a fun project for all ages!

All laminated vinyl stickers are handmade by Wubzilla! These are waterproof, safe to stick anywhere and dishwasher safe! They remove cleanly thanks to the vinyl backing, too! These stickers are the highest quality I can make, and I make every one personally!

Choose from different packs in the drop down menu
Complete Collection- All stickers and papercraft
Stickers only - All stickers from this set, including large and small versions
Esohoundress and Logo Only - One Logo sticker and one Esohoundres sticker
Papercraft Only - One pose-able and one static papercraft kit
Lil' Pack - Five of every small sticker in the pack

-Size: approximately 2"
-glossy finish
-dishwasher safe

-not reusable

-packed by me, very carefully!!
-no tracking, ships via USPS letter service
-domestic and international


All designs are hand drawn by Wubzilla and are for personal use only. Colors may vary slightly due to differences in viewing devices.

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